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Jamming the Traffic

You've been a licensed driver for a couple of months. You've been on the major highways, the winding and hilly back roads, and found yourself caught in the rain a few times. But have you been stuck in the ultimate driving headache — bumper-to-bumper traffic? Here are tips for handling congestion, construction, and nighttime driving.

Driving 5 Miles per Hour — On the Freeway!

Traffic jams can create some of the most frustrating behind-the-wheel scenarios. The trick to dealing with backups is being prepared — and avoiding them whenever possible.

Be Prepared

Here are some tips for avoiding traffic jams:

Dealing With Traffic

Here are some tips for those unavoidable traffic jams:

Construction Craziness

Construction zones can appear overnight, turning a road you knew like the back of your hand into a completely unknown place. It helps to know what all those orange work-zone signs mean (you can find out on your state's department of transportation website), but what else can you do?

Even if you travel a certain route so often that you have the timing down to the minute, a crash or roadwork could cause unexpected delays. So always give yourself a little extra time. If you know your drive will take 15 minutes, give yourself 25–30 minutes just to be safe.

Nighttime Is the Right Time — to Pay Extra Attention to the Road

Nighttime driving is like the big brother to daytime driving. It's best to start driving after dark only after you have a lot of practice driving during the day — and practice driving at night with an experienced driver.

Some other tips to help you adjust to the lack of light:

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Date reviewed: September 2016

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