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Preparing Kids for Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be scary — for grown-ups and kids alike. Kids learn how to respond to situations based on the behaviors and attitudes of those around them.

Here are some tips to help them — and you — be ready during hurricane season.

Talk About Hurricanes

Kids might be confused about what a hurricane is, so use simple age-appropriate descriptions of what to expect if one is coming your way. For a younger child, you might say, "A hurricane is a tropical storm with very strong winds and lots of rain, lightning, and thunder."

It's also important to tell kids that grown-ups will do their best to keep them safe.

Try to Remain Calm Yourself

Kids can easily sense the emotions of those around them. When a parent seems overly upset or worried, this can make a child's own fears or worries worse.

Let Kids Help With Pre-storm Preparations

Keeping them busy can help keep kids' minds off of their worries. Helping prepare in age-appropriate ways also can increase a child's sense of control over the situation.

To involve your kids:

During the Storm

After the Storm

Date reviewed: September 2017

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