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Your Child’s Development: 1 Month

Have you ever noticed how your baby's tiny fingers instinctively curl around yours and close into fists? Or how he or she startles with a loud noise? These and other primitive reflexes were present at birth and will become less noticeable as your baby grows. 

Doctors use certain milestones to tell whether a baby is developing as expected. There's a wide range of what's considered normal, so some babies gain skills earlier or later than others. Babies who were born prematurely reach milestones later. Always talk with your doctor about your baby's progress.

Here are some new skills your baby may have:

Communication and Language Skills

Movement and Physical Development 

Social and Emotional Development

Cognitive Skills (Thinking and Learning)

When to Talk to Your Doctor

As your baby becomes more alert, he or she will watch you constantly. And you'll be watching your little one closely too, so it's a good time to notice any subtle signs that could point to a problem. Tell the doctor if your baby:

Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD
Date reviewed: June 2016

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